Catharsis Through Music

I make a lot of Spotify playlists. Some are for my kids and have a bunch of Muppet songs, while others have more to do with recovery. I have “Recovery 1,” Recovery II,” and “Recovery III” playlists, “Sobriety is for Bad-Asses,” and one taken from Josh Rouse’s track, “Some Days I’m Golden.”

In the “Some Days I’m Golden” playlist is the acoustic version of Shannon Labrie’s haunting song, “Alcohol.” shannon_labrie It often brings me to tears as I recall the pain I put my loved ones through but also because I know there are millions of people out there in the speaker’s position. They’ve picked their husband or wife off the ground; they feel doomed to stay. The disease has trapped them both.

I wouldn’t have been able to listen to this track in super-early sobriety, and I realize it may trigger some folks. I’ve included the lyrics below if you want to preview them before you listen to the song.

Happy, sober Tuesday to you all.

Alcohol by Shannon Labrie

[Verse 1]
There’s lots of things he can’t control
Like loving me, and alcohol
He doesn’t have the power to choose
He doesn’t have the will to lose
I thought my heart was strong
Strong enough to right the wrong
Oh, but that drink is strong
And it fights me all night long

I found my man on the ground again
Red from the drinking all my pain
He’s in love with the thing I hate
I can’t leave, I’m doomed to stay
He makes me bear the worst of things
All the memories, all the shame
But I’ll pick my man off the ground again
‘Til the grave takes hold of him

[Verse 2]
He’s half the life I want to live
He’s half the life I’ll always dread
Our past and future look the same
I doubt we’ll ever try and change
He won’t let me be
Like a dead man holding me
We’re buried six years deep
I can’t escape from this disease


In the morning he’ll wake up and be remorseful
And I believe him, I’ll start feeling a little hopeful
But then the sun goes down and my hell, will start all over


There’s lots of things he can’t control
Like loving me, and alcohol


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