Nine Months

On the way home from a family reunion in the (rainy) north Georgia mountains, I remarked to my family, “Tomorrow, I’ll be sober the length a human gestates in the womb.”

“Well, most women go into ten months,” my wife pointed out.

Hmm. There’s no chip or marble for ten months, I thought. It occurred to me, though, around the ten month mark, I could stand up at a meeting and say, “I’ve been sober now as long as most women carry their young.”

That’s just potentially awkward enough to appeal to me.

New goal: one year sober on January 5, 2016. Ready, set, go….


About Robert Crisp

Just a lad who likes to create.
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2 Responses to Nine Months

  1. Bring it on! Congratulations on 9 months, Robert – so much Awesome!

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