We Don’t Need No Education….

…or thought-control or dark sarcasm. And teacher, while you’re at it, leave them kids alone!

Boromir knows what's up.

Boromir knows what’s up.

All of that’s to say that classes are back in session and Mr. Crisp is settling into his new college and into a new routine (and apparently referring to himself in the third person). Things are going well so far. Granted, I’ve only met with my classes one time each, but one class meeting is enough to get a feel for how things will likely progress. So far, there aren’t any red flags. My students are a little nervous, which is to be suspected. Unlike my last college, most of my students are traditional students, straight out of high school and entering the big, scary world of college for the first time.

I’ve also noticed that many of my students are more solicitous and concerned about their classes than I’m used to. It’s a nice thing to wake up to a handful of emails from students asking pertinent questions or looking for a little reassurance, both of which I’m happy to provide. I like helping students, especially those who are uncomfortable with writing and need a little boost here and there.

I also discovered that a fellow faculty member is in AA and has good sober time under his belt. It’s nice to know that I can turn to him if I did a little boost of my own.

This morning has been one of those days when my eyes pop open at 3:30 AM, so I’m downstairs, drinking coffee, catching up on blogs, and doing a little reading. Maybe I’ll work on some poems, too. We’ll see. It’s just good, once again, to wake up sober and refreshed.

That’s it from my little abode here in south Georgia, where it’s still hot but not as bad as it has been. I’m ready for fall and then winter; I feel more alive during those seasons.

Time for more coffee. I hope everyone’s well.

Music listened to while writing this post:

Nikki Lane – All or Nothin’ (http://www.nikkilane.com/)


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