221 Days

Recently, my sponsor told me I’d come to a point when I stop counting days. I’m sure that’s true, but it’s nice to roll over in the middle of the night and check my sobriety counter. I feel the same way when I glance down at my tattoo and see my sobriety date. It’s a permanent reminder to me to stay on the right path. My youngest son looked at my tattoo the other day and said, “That will catch on fire if you drink alcohol” (well, it is a dragon, after all). I laughed and said that probably wouldn’t happen, but I won’t drink alcohol just in case.

I have to admit, part of me would like it see this go down.

I have to admit, part of me would like to see this go down.

For now, it’s time to don regalia and greet the in-coming freshman class. I just wish it was sixty or so degrees outside. I’m ready for fall, which sometimes comes quite late this far in the South. Ah, well.

I wish everyone a good, safe, and sober weekend. Classes start next Monday, and I’m ready (spiritually, even if I don’t have all my material gathered). Until next time….


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2 Responses to 221 Days

  1. How did the first day go? … Love what your son said. Those bairns are so insightful about the most extraordinary things.


  2. Robert Crisp says:

    It went pretty well. I wasn’t as prepared as I’d like to have been, but the students don’t know that. I’ll need a few weeks to adjust to everything, but I expect I’ll hit my stride even before then. I’m determined to take it easy this semester but still do my best, which is enough. No feeling guilty because I’m not working at home or because I didn’t meet my paper-grading goal. Work is work, and life is life. I’ve never identified myself solely with work (though I finally embrace my vocation as a teacher), but I’ve clung to it needlessly and used it as an excuse to drink. Not anymore. How’s it going with you so far?


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