Sober Day Off

I’m home recovering from the procedure I had last Friday, which affected me more than I expected. The Tylenol worked a little bit, but by yesterday, I was just in pain. It wasn’t crippling, mind you, but it made teaching hard. I gave a test yesterday and dismissed the classes, which thrilled my students.

I woke up this morning around two, took more Tylenol, but they didn’t work. I canceled my classes for the day–another bonus for them–and worked for home, gritting my teeth and trying not to whine too myself.

I called the doctor and left a message with one his nurses, and then it occurred to me to try some ibuprofen. I tend not to take it, but my wife mentioned it last night, and I thought what the hell? Either it works or it doesn’t.

I took a while, but when it kicked in, I felt better than I had since undergoing the procedure. When the nurse called back, I told her I was cautiously optimistic that the ibuprofen was doing the trick, I was on the mend, or both. She told me to call back next week if I had any lingering pain.

I sat back and thought I made it through without a pain-pill and without drinking. Kudos to me. After I finished grading papers and prepping for tomorrow, I rewarded myself by play the hell out of Dead Space 3.

Necromorphs fear me.

Necromorphs fear me.

I’ve had days off from work when I started drinking earlier than normal. Lord knows I’ve played my fair share of video games hammered, just as I’ve written storied and songs with a belly-full of wine.

I gotta say, I like the sober way better.


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2 Responses to Sober Day Off

  1. survivorgrrl says:

    Congrats to you sir! You have done what many couldn’t. Make it through intense pain without listening to that little voice justifying pain meds. I went through a procedure once and the hospital have 20 percocets when I asked for 2 so I could sleep. Flushed them right away! But not before my brain got a little excited at the possibilities. Been sober now for awhile and still hope I never have to go through anything involving possible pain meds. Ugh….;)


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