Hydrocodone? Thanks, But I’ll Pass

Alcohol was my downfall, but I can easily see myself getting into pills if I allowed myself. I went for a minor out-patient procedure today, and even though I told the doctor during my first visiit that I was in recovery and didn’t want pain-killers, he still offered them anyway. I shouldn’t be surprised. When I told him about my new sobriety, he didn’t respond beyond a nod. My primary care doctor documented it, and so did my pharmacy.

When he said today, “We’ll send you home with some pain-killers,” I said, “Okay,” and thought about it. I reasoned that the bottle probably wouldn’t contain more than fifteen pills. Where would the harm be? If a doctor offers them, I must need them…right?

Wrong, I met with my therapist earlier this week and told her about the doctor’s indifference, and she said, “I’m not so worried about you becoming cross-addicted as I am about the pills being a trigger for relapse back into drinking You’ve got to be your own advocate in this situation.”

I thought about how many times I heard counselors at rehab say to be careful with things like hydrocodone. I imagined sitting down with AA friends and asking them about the situation, and I knew what they’d see: suck it up and take some Tylenol.

When I got my discharge papers, the nurse held the prescription for hydrocodone, and I was tempted. But instead of reaching out for it, I started telling her I didn’t want it, and she said, “You need to fill it just in case you need it later.”

“No,” I replied. “I’m in recovery. I really don’t need those pills.”

A look of understanding spread across her face. Just then, a nurse whipped around the corner and said, “You’ll be fine. Just take Tylenol and hang in there.”

So far, I’m uncomfortable, but I can take it. I’m pretty much a baby when it comes to pain, but I’d rather be in pain than run the risk of relapse.

On a different note, I had to re-set my phone and lost all my contacts, even though I thought I’d backed them up. I lost AA numbers, including my sponsor’s. I’m going to a meeting tomorrow and will get some more numbers and next week will make it back to my home group. I’m not a big caller, but it would have helped to talk to some AA folks today.

Time for an ice pack….


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3 Responses to Hydrocodone? Thanks, But I’ll Pass

  1. Way to be your own advocate! Love that advice. Glad you’re managing with the Tylenol.


  2. Good job on that! Always better safe than sorry.
    Feel better soon!


    • Robert Crisp says:

      Thanks! Heading back to work today. It’s so nice to wake up without being hung-over, wondering if I can stomach anything more than coffee, and then stumbling through my day until I can drink again.

      Liked by 1 person

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