Need Some Energy Tanks

As some of you know, I’m a teacher. After toiling in the public school system and a three-year stint in an alternative school, I moved up to the technical college level. My job doesn’t require as much energy as public teaching did–thank God I’m no longer called on to be teacher/counselor/mediator/encourager multiple times a day–but my current job does take a lot of my spiritual and mental energy. Sure, there are some days that I coast along but not often. When I teach, I get involved with my two subjects, writing and humanities, and I try to make the subjects come alive and have relevance to my students. I’m tired at the end of the teaching day, though I don’t drag out of the door feeling as if my spirit has been ground into dust.

Lately, I just haven’t had enough energy to keep up with everything. Job, family stuff, creative writing, music, the blogs…it’s a lot. Perhaps it isn’t to people who are used to juggling aspects of their lives soberly, but for someone who often skated by and inoculated himself daily and nightly with alcohol, it can be a bit much (is that even the correct use of the word “inoculated”? I’m too tired to look it up). I need some energy tanks.

I also wouldn't mind a kick-ass Varia suit.

I also wouldn’t mind a kick-ass Varia suit.

Alas, there are no such energy tanks in my life. Of course, I’m also not avoiding lava and fighting metroids. So there’s that. I realize that it’s the end of the semester, and all teachers are tired. So are my students. I have a week-and-a-half break between semesters coming up, so that’ll be nice. Lots of self-care on the way.

At least I’m tired and sober. That’s the important thing.


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4 Responses to Need Some Energy Tanks

  1. That’s the important thing 😉

    I question you are more tired than last end-of-semester hang-over mornings btw 😉 .


  2. Robert Crisp says:

    Oh, last semester I was tired, and I was dragging myself in after a night of drinking. Back then, though, I just had to hold on until evening and then start the crazy process again. Like I said, I’ll take sober and tired, thank you.


  3. I’m also a writer and teacher! And a writing teacher. 🙂 This was great to read because it’s very similar to how I’m feeling tonight. I have quite an undemanding teaching schedule right now, but I still find it tiring work. When I’m with my students, I’m truly present and that takes all my energy. Stephen King called teaching “a consumptive profession” and it’s really true. It’s definitely important to take time out for self care! I hope you can give yourself some of that soon.

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