Little One

I’ve been incorporating tonglen into my life (or trying to, at least). There’s a lot of suffering in the world, and the practice Heather beautifully describes is a step for me to be more compassionate.


The other night I did my weekly meditation.

Every Tuesday at 7pm I tell myself in all the ways under the sun, not to go.

When I go I feel insanely better, so of course I fight.

This night was exceptionally beautiful.

As Beth, our guide, read from the Tibetan book of Living and Dying, we focused on TONGLEN.

Tonglen is Tibetan for “ Giving and Taking. “

The first round is upon us.

I close my eyes and go into another world.

I take a deep breath…here we go.

Beth suggests if we are having a difficult time to imagine a door.

“ Imagine that door opening and whatever it is in your mind, release it out into the world. Put your hand on the knob, opening than releasing. Than close the door.”

My door stayed opened.

Again and again I went to this door. I imagined my head opening…

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