Sad, Glad, In-Between… All Post-Acute (and a Hair Cut)

That’s an insane title. Also, this post will have a lot of picture. So there.

My moods have been bouncing all over the place lately as my brain slowly gets the message that I’m not adding any more alcohol to my system. At some points during the day, my brain is quite happy with that news; other times, it’s pissed. Right now, it’s just sad, kicking around in my skull and saying Aww, come on, man, don’t make me regulate myself. Give me a little boost.

Nothin’ doin’. I’m not in danger of relapse (at least not imminent danger), I’m just kind of blue.

kind of blue

But not this cool.

There’s nothing to be done but to get through it, read books, talk to people, get my work done, and put my sober head on the pillow at the end of the day. As Katie, my addiction counselor, always said, “Sometimes, just being sober at the end of the enough of a victory.”

Well, I’m sober and sad, which is preferable to happy and this:

drunk and full of pills

I got a haircut yesterday at a real salon by a real stylist, which is something I’ve never done before. I want to continue growing my hair out, but I usually get so flustered when I’m sitting in the chair and the stylist is waiting for me to say something that I blurt out, “Just cut it short!” One time, I went kind of nuts and did this to myself:



I look like some weird gangsta wanna-be. I freaked out the kids I taught, so that was worth it.

But no more bald me. Today, here’s how I look, 87 sober:Me-87


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One Response to Sad, Glad, In-Between… All Post-Acute (and a Hair Cut)

  1. The contrast in the two photos is hilarious. Some days I wish I could shave my head and start over. Sup? I’d probably get fired.


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