Soft and Spiritless as Porridge

“What care I for human hearts? Soft and spiritless as porridge! A fairy’s heart beats fierce and free!” – Oona to Jack, Legend oona

I love this quote (and the entire movie). If you’ve never seen it–and you like fantasy films and want to see Tim Currry as one of scariest versions of pure evil ever to tear up a screen–you should defiantly check out Ridley Scott’s Legend. 

darknessTo drastically reduce the story line, Oona has a crush on Jack, who’s in love with Lily. Jack and his friends find themselves in a predicament from which Oona can free them, but only if Jack kisses her. Oona makes herself appear as Lily, and Jack nearly falls for it, but he backs out at the last moment, saying, “No, I can’t. No, this is just more fairy glamour. Human hearts don’t work that way.” Oona fires back her line and leaves them to die. The end.

Heh, not really. But I was overcome with emotions several times today and thought how nice it would be if I was more like what I imagine fairies to be (suspending disbelief and all that). I’ve imagined them like the fairies in the Yeats’ poem, stealing children and such. Altogether alien and not giving much of a care for human concerns.

But my heart doesn’t beat fierce and free. Today, it hurts. A lot. I no longer have alcohol to numb it, so I just have to experience the full range of human emotions and get used to it. Easier said than done, my friends.

Now, where did I put my Legend DVD….


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