Creativity and Sobriety

I haven’t disclosed much about myself and my creative pursuits, but I’m a writer (books, poetry, stories) and a musician. I’ve been afraid of what effect sobriety will have on my work. If you’re of an artistic bent, you may want to check out this article. I found it quite interesting.

Moving into day 27 a little more slowly, cautiously, and without a great deal of optimism. And so it goes.


About Robert Crisp

Just a lad who likes to create.
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2 Responses to Creativity and Sobriety

  1. Interesting article. Also, depressing. I suppose we should look to writers we admire who were not alcoholic, sober or otherwise.


    • rbc says:

      Yeah, it’s quite depressing…and you’re right about looking to other writers who aren’t addicts. I love Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson, and some of my favorite contemporary writers aren’t addicts. Thanks for the reminder. I tend to get all doom and gloom these days.

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