Day Two

I’m trying to document my experience in recovery—especially early recovery—but I imagine I won’t be as consistent when I start work again next week. Then again, I might surprise myself and keep it going

I learned a lot about myself today, and I didn’t like a lot of it. That’s going to take a lot of explaining, and a good deal of processing. I think quite clearly on Librium, but I felt it wearing off around three…which is about the exact time I began getting defensive in group. Of course, my counselor accepted my responses. So did everyone else, in fact. I’m not used to acceptance. I’m sure I could have had it before now, but I’m glad to experience it in this setting with fellow addicts. Strange? Perhaps. I’m starting to feel at home with addicts, which is something I never imagined myself doing.

I’m hesitant to take my Trazodone tonight, but I told the nurse I’d take all three pills (Librium, Clonidine, and Trazadone). If it knocks me into next week and I have a hard time waking up, I’ll tell her and I won’t take it anymore.

I’ve been sober 48 hours, people. Make some noise!


About Robert Crisp

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