Overheard at Rehab

When I was sitting in the waiting area before I met with Charles, I heard one of the counselors behind the desk talking to with some of the office workers:

“Drug-screen her ass,” the man said. “Come on, what do we do with her at 10:30 and she wants to go to the ER? We’ve been down this road with her before.”

The conversation was impossible to ignore, but at one point, the counselor saw me and lowered his voice…which is why I misunderstood what he said next. I heard, “Good luck finding Atlantis, coach.” Now that got my attention, even more than what he said before (though I couldn’t help but think his words made excellent dialogue). My writer instincts took over, and I wrote down everything the counselor said, focusing in particular on the line about Atlantis. I listened in for a few more minutes and discovered he was talking about football, and I highly doubt he evoked an ancient, mythical city in relationship to football (though maybe he did, and that would be all kinds of awesome).

I haven’t written anything creative on this blog, but I believe I mentioned I’m a writer. I haven’t processed my feelings about entering treatment in any way except in this form, but I want to explore my thoughts and feelings through fiction, poetry, and music. Though the primary purpose of Recovery101 is to give myself a safe venue in which to work through thoughts and feelings through reflective non-fiction, I also need to do so creatively. I’ll share some of that here.

In the meantime, good luck finding Atlantis, everyone (coaches included)


About Robert Crisp

Just a lad who likes to create.
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