Treatment Delayed…but Progress Made

Hey, that rhymes. Hmm. So here’s what happened: I went to the treatment center and met with the director (I’ll call him Charles), who was absolutely fantastic. We chatted, he looked over the paper-work I filled out, and he said, “Well, clearly, you’re a functional alcoholic. You’re going to work, meeting family obligations, and everything else. You seem relatively healthy, too.”

Charles went on to tell me he recommended I participate in a week of supervised day detox, from 9-4, for five days. After that, he wants me to attend eight weeks of evening classes and begin attending AA meetings (something I’m dreading). The problem is insurance. I don’t want to pay two deductibles, and I would have to since there’s no roll-over with my insurance. So instead of paying $1,500 to start treatment, I’d have to pay $3,000. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I have insurance, but I’m irritated that there’s no roll-over from one year to the next.

Even if there was, though, I couldn’t begin treatment until next Monday because the treatment center is closed on New Year’s Day. i could only go today and the wait a day and then wait over the weekend. So, next Monday, I report back to begin day one. Until then, I’m cutting down on my drinking, but not stopping entirely. New Year’s Eve has never been a big deal for me, so I’m not worried about going crazy tomorrow night, even if I didn’t have two young kids.

When Charles mentioned New Year’s Eve, I told him as much, and he said, “Yeah, New Year’s Eve is for the amateurs. The one’s who can’t handle their drinking. They don’t know you can cover one eye and drive drunk.” He smiled and covered his left eye. That’s one of the many reasons I like him.

I’m going to learn how to live sober. But damn, if I’m not scared to death.


About Robert Crisp

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